Team Domenica is a three-tier operation. Our holistic employment programmes not only help to prepare candidates for the workplace, but also develop their capacity to lead happy fulfilled lives.

We achieve this through the set up of our Training Centre, Training Café and Employment Centre.


Our training centre provides new and innovative employment programmes to young people with learning disabilites, referred to as our ‘candidates’ to more accurately reflect and emphasise their role as people ready for employment.

Our holistic approach is personalised to each candidate, with the aim to develop their independence, confidence, communication, and work skills ready for paid employment.

Our three core employment programmes provide an extended transition between the education environment and world of work:

A one-year structured study and training programme, four days per week, where all candidates complete a registered qualification and discover their career potential. On this programme, candidates get to experience essential high levels of social interaction with customers, employers and also their peers.

A one-year programme based mostly in the workplace of a partnered employer. Through our accredited Centre with Open Awards (a national Awarding Body), candidates receive a Level 1 certificate in ‘Skills in further learning and employment’. This includes developing positive behaviour in the workplace, learning how to be assertive and managing stress at work. This enables our candidates to better cope in a busy and often unfamiliar work environment.
75% of candidates are offered paid employment positions through this programme.

Our WAP is designed to support and sustain candidates who transition into paid work. A high level of continued support from a Training Mentor is provided to candidates in functional literacy, communication and social skills, money handling and independent travel training.

Through all our programmes our candidates benefit from:

• Classroom based pre-employment training through a registered qualification
• Workplace knowledge through external work experience
• Mental health and wellbeing support
• Developing communication and social skills
• Life skills and independence


We have three cafés, one at our main Centre on Preston Road, one in Hove Library and another one at Brighton Dome. Our Training Cafés are open to the public and enable our candidates to practice their professional and social skills.

Opening Hours:

Café Domenica Preston Road
Mon-Fri: 8.30am-4.30pm (with some outside seating)
Sat: 9am-4pm (with some outside seating)

Café Domenica Hove Library
Mon-Sat: 10am-4pm (with some outside seating)

Café Domenica Plus X Brighton (Lewes Road)
Mon-Fri 8am-4pm

Café Domenica Brighton Dome
This Café Domenica is now closed for business

Contact the Café

+44 (0)1273 681111

Our candidates are centrally involved in the running of Café Domenica (our Training Cafés). These in-house work placements provide a perfect opportunity for candidates to learn new skills in a real work environment. They also allow candidates to build their confidence in a safe work environment, where making mistakes is seen as a valuable part of the learning process.

Café Domenica is open to the public and we have strong support from our local community. Café Domenica serves the purpose of not only helping our candidates develop skills and build confidence, but it also brings people together, educating them on the real value gained by interacting with people with learning disabilities and strengthening their relationships within the community.


Team Domenica’s Employment Centre aims to establish relationships with local companies to procure suitable employment opportunities for young adults with learning disabilities.

We provide companies with guidance and advice on employing young people with learning disabilities. We engage with CEOs, heads of CSR and heads of HR departments to facilitate the provision of appropriate working conditions for young adults with learning disabilities.

We have an excellent reputation with partnered employers and local businesses in Brighton and Hove. We work with employers across all industries including (but not limited to); The Co-op, Lloyds Bank, Holiday Inn, The Grand, Bill’s, Morrisons, Jury’s Inn and British Airways i360.

Partnered employers support our employment programmes and generate more job opportunities through:

• Work experience placements
• Supported internship placements
• Paid employment positions

Our reach within the business community continues to grow, by placing more young people into work, we have built up good relationships with well-known local employers who have then recommended us to other businesses.

We are currently supporting over 40 partnered employers.